Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Little Catch Up

At the Denver Zoo with Grandpa and Grandma Christensen. They were able to visit us over the past Presidents Day weekend. We had lots of fun and Carson and I got a night away.
Caleb and mom went to Chuck E Cheese for their mother/son date. Dad took Lily to see Tangled.
Home Depot has a kids workshop the first Saturday of every month. This month we put together little cars. The kids love it.
Soooo excited to make his car. He's a natural.
Cute daddy and the cute kids.

I took Lily to Krispy Kreme to show her how the donuts were made after her dance class. Isn't she cute?
Caleb and Lily at their weekly gymnastics class.
On the small balance beam learning how to dip her feet.

This morning, just being cute.
They love each other.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Past Weekend

I don't know how to put my pictures in order, so here we go with today's photos......Caleb writing his name on the Valentine's cards he got for his friends at school and church.
Goofy, Minnie, Donald and Mickey at the Magic Show. I was worried about the kids enjoying it and sitting for the 1 1/2, BUT they did awesome and loved it!!! They even LOVE playing magician now!
Also before the show started. Lighting wasn't too great so this is as good as it's gonna get.
Lily and I at dinner. Hate to complain, but me being pregnant photos don't really do much for the self esteem!
While daddy is home on the weekends we like to play and play hard. Here we are at Sams before the Mickey Magic Show.
Adorable as always!
Carson and the kids used up all of the snow to make this huge snowman. Caleb now insists on making a dog for him. With all the snow we just barely received the past two days our snowman has gotten a little bit chunkier and the grass is now in hiding again.
Cute fam
Lily at work patting down the snow

Monday, January 31, 2011

Cake Baking and Field Trips

Posing with their "rainbow cake" we made this weekend with daddy.
Caleb loves cooking/baking and has loved watching 'Cake Boss' lately.
Caleb's school had a field trip to the Tiny Tots concert. The concert was sooooo much fun. The Colorado Orchestra came to the Wildlife Museum and put on a great performance for the kids. My kiddos really enjoyed it and so did I! After the concert we were able to go through the museum, which I highly recommend! Here is Lily showing off her tail in the zebra costume.
Posing with Caleb's classmate/friend, Molly, outside of the museum.
And posing with Jasper. One of his best friends from school.
Movie star Lily.
Even though last week was hard due to Lily being sick and dealing with fevers, coughing, and wheezing/asthma (which we're still working with) I'm so glad we were all well enough to go on the field trip. We had a great weekend with daddy home and enjoyed the 50+ degree weather. At least we enjoyed the weather up until today when it got bitter, bitter cold and nasty outside.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Gender Poll

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails


Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice?

We are having our ultrasound this week and we'd love to know what you think in regards to our baby being a boy or girl. So....give it a go and take your guess!

Is baby Walker a boy or a girl?
Thinking Baby Blue
Thinking Baby Pink

View Results

*And if you'd like to leave a comment here or on the facebook link and tell me what you voted for. Results show your vote, but not who voted it!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pumpkin Fest

Posin' for the camera

We were making yummy rice krispy treats

Doing what he does best. Driving the tractor.

Caleb made this pumpkin hat and soon after found these super cool carved pumpkins


They really liked this owl display. It's the little things in life, right?!

He did great walking around on these. He even made it look easy!

And here's a close up of him trying to lasso the bull horns. And I must say, he's a natural!

We love Aurora's PumpkinFest. We have some super cool videos of the pumpkin launch, which I can guarantee you, you've never seen anything like it! Anyway they have fun activities like a pumpkin patch, a kid's hay bale maze, Radio Disney dj'ing (which we also have some cool videos of the kids dancing up on stage), lots of kids crafts, stilt walking, lassoing, some great "fallish" food and much, much more.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween!

Aargggh matey

Tinkerbell Lily

Tink with attitude

Pirate Caleb

Playing one of the games at the ward Halloween party

The entrance to the "spook alley" at the ward Halloween party. It was awesome!